The Poor Man's Nikon 35Ti? -- Nikon L35AF

I finally found a goodie at a thrift store for nine dollars!  I picked up the Nikon L35Af, and it turns out to be a decent, little, point-and-shoot camera! It's auto-everything (i.e. exposure, film advance, rewind, focus) and has a five-element f/2.8 lens!

Usually, the Olympus XA is my pocket camera, though focusing in the dark and using its detachable flash can be cumbersome at times.  For daylight shooting, the XA makes a great companion camera.  I shoot 50mm on the main camera, and the XA can provide a slightly wider 35mm FOV if needed.

This bashfully 80's camera will be fun to take around for casual snapshots of my friends.  The flash winds up fairly fast, and the autofocus is snappy enough.





Size comparisons next to the venerable Olympus XA.