Street Diary: New York City

I love it. I love the city, it's beyond fantastic to visit. Would I want to live there? I'm not sure... it definitely seems as if it would be exciting. The absolute overload of stimului, be it people, yellow taxis, or buildings, makes me so excited as I walk through the streets. One of my first shots of the day... This one was inside a McDonalds in Time Square.. I thought the lighting was neat!

These two shots were taken on top of the Rockefeller building. I'm totally making one of these photos my new website banner! These two photos were taken with the Olympus 25mm f/1.8 prime and the Olympus 12-50mm kit zoom @ 19mm.

Some candids on top of the Rockefeller. Threw on an ND4 filter on the Olympus 25mm and opened the aperture wide open!

Great (in my opinion) low-light performance from the Olympus 25mm and E-M5 combo! I love not having to bump the ISO past 1600. Furthermore, the E-M5 lets you hand hold slow shutter speeds really well. The second photo was shot a 1/10 of a second! These were inside Bartholomew's Episcopal Church.

Somewhere in Central Park that has boats..?

More slow shutter speed hand held goodness! 1/25s, though I could have bumped the ISO up a few stops.. This particular one was ISO 320. These swords were inside on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Definitely worth seeing if you are in New York. I only ended up checking out maybe two floors of one wing, and ran out of time! It's huge!

Wide-angles! Glad I brought the 12-50mm kit zoom...

And to wrap things up, my bread and butter, some street photographs!

I'll update the blog with another more-gear-oriented post to talk about what I brought to New York inside my ONA Bowery. I can definitely say it did a mighty fine job :)