Street Diary: Fourth of July, 2014

I didn't spend my fourth of July watching fireworks...  Instead, I decided to spend my day in the nations capitol -- okay maybe still a little cliche.  My initial goal was to visit a few camera stores in DC, specifically the Leica Store, Embassy Camera, and Prophoto.  They were all closed, though in retrospect I should have expected that...

Being the nation's birthday, many folk were wearing red, white, and blue.  Honestly, people were starting to look awfully similar after an hour or so.  I can't describe how many girls I saw with white tops, blue shorts, and red bandannas as headbands.  I actually did pack a red bandanna in my pack.. maybe I should have worn it as I was wearing blue shorts, too.

Most of the photos I shot that day were with my rangefinder!  I went through two rolls: finished the roll of Tri-X I loaded on top of the Rockefeller from my NY trip, and shot through a 24 exposure roll of Fuji Superia 400.  Film is so fun to take photos with.  That feeling of not remembering what exactly shot (especially when pairing with a digital camera) is a tad disorienting.  The moment right before you open up that envelope-looking-thing fills you with anxiety.  And when your fingers run gently hold up the physical pictures you took, that anxiety is calmed and a warm, fuzzy feeling takes it place.  I still have not bought chemicals for black and white film, so I won't have those photos from my TriX up soon.

Hilariously, I spent a lot of time taking photos of my gear rather than street shooting!  I went to a Starbucks near the Dupont Circle metro stop to refuel with a cold beverage.  I also used my downtime to unload my TriX and wind up the Superia.  While sitting down, I fancied the light in the coffeeshop and shot a bunch of photos.  One could say I loitered for maybe too long... but at least I bought something!  My second session of camera glamour shots was a few minutes after I walked by the White House.  I  think the building was "treasury" something, but I don't remember - I shot my last frame of Superia and decided to wind up the film back into the cassette.  I sat down on a set of stairs, and again, the light looked really good!  So I looked like an idiot for a couple of minutes and captured a few gear photos.