Street Diary: Bike trip!

This labor day, I biked the Baltimore-Annapolis trail from start to finish with a buddy.  It is a mere 13 or so miles, but this was my first time on any long sort of biking trip.  The trail itself is very straightforward: go straight and stop at the road crossings.  It cuts through neighborhoods and small towns.  I don't remember the name of this one town we passed through, but it was so cute!  It was like a pseudo-bike outpost.  Many shops had tables and storefronts facing the trail. In hopes of getting over my photographer's block, I brought my OM-D E-m5 with me on the trip.  Film was not what I needed while being so uninspired.  I only brought the 25mm f/1.8 lens and nothing else for the camera.

I really need to work on my memory/keepsake/proof of visiting photography.  I took a few of my friend, but I don't feel comfortable enough to share them.  Perhaps, there are some photos in the world that are for yourself and only for yourself.

The ride from the BWI airport to Annapolis only took about an hour.  We were surprised that we actually made it to Annapolis.  Sure the trail was easy, but just wrapping the idea of traveling to another city by bike was hard to digest.

In the capital city, we quickly grabbed a bite to eat.  Hypnotized by the fresh bay breeze, we decided to eat at a Lobster Roll establishment whose name I don't remember.

annapolis lunch

Damn, these things are good.  But they're ridiculously expensive as well.  I think the roll itself, the drink, and chips ended up totaling a bill of $14.

lobster roll

The idea for the dish is quite simple.  Fill a hotdog bun with succulent lobster meat, then toast it a la grilled cheese.  It's worth the $14 dollars, definitely.  Even the simple hotdog bun was satisfying just by itself.  There was also a pickle thrown into the meal, too.  Salty!

lobster roll

I think the large price of $11-12 per lobster roll is because this certain establishment (according to a sign written with chalk) claims all their lobster meat comes by boat from Maine.  I can dig it.


We were debating whether we should have gotten gelato first or go actually eat something first...  We did the latter.  We both got one scoop -- mine, a guava flavor, his... I don't remember but there was coconut in it.  The one scoop was quite substantial! interested

I missed a lot of interesting and intriguing frames while on this short trip.  I purposefully did not attempt to take them because I knew they wouldn't turn out how I wanted.  I would have spent so long in post trying to achieve what was never there in the first place.  I'd be left with a digital trophy for "nice try."