Street Diary: A few rolls in...

The learning curve is starting to level out with the Leica M2. It's starting to feel like an extension of my eyes and hands -- I'm getting better at guessing the light and working the rangefinder splitimage. Here are some frames that I liked the best out of two Kodak TriX rolls from the Leica M2 and Canon-Serenar 50mm f/1.8 LTM that I developed recently. My Olympus XA has some TriX still stuck inside it; I'll post those when I finish the roll and develop it. I probably should do a write up about the XA... I don't think I've mentioned it on the blog yet. I'll be honest, I love taking photos of the Metro.  There's just something romantic about the ideas of trains and similar mass transportation.  This frame turned out interesting.  I tried exposing for the bottom left of the frame, but I'm really happy with the results.  Definitely in my top favorite photographs right now.  I think the silhouettes are interesting -- faceless figures heading down into the darkness.  In contrast, the escalators lead your eyes toward the light, above.  I stood in the entrance of this Metro stop for maybe ten minutes or so deciding what sort of photograph I wanted to take -- well worth the time contemplating.

Just a little snapshot while riding the metro.  I liked how my blue and reddishpurple socks looked with my navy pants.  It didn't occur to me on the train that blue and dark red would look so similar in black and white.  Regardless, I wanted to show off the bokeh on the Canon-Serenar 50mm f/1.8 LTM lens.  I really love this heavy, little, Japanese gem!

Feeling a little too timid..  I'm okay with this frame though.  Wish I could have captured the image I had in mind when I first came across this scene -- something I need to get over as I mature as a street photographer.

So...  I tried going to the Leica Store DC photowalk a few weekends ago.  I was five or so minutes late, and couldn't find anyone!  You would think that a bunch of people with Leicas would be easy to spot at  a Zoo.  I did see a couple walk by with the new Leica T, but I was already exhausted by then.  About the photo:  I wish I had a longer lens!  Something inexpensive like the  90mm f/4 Elmar may have come in handy.  Regardless, I stuck to my guns and made the 50mm work.  This photograph is mildly interesting, better than the other panda frames burned into the TriX emulsion that I took.

How cute -- drawing the elephant she just saw.  I remember I used to draw airplanes upon sheets and sheets of paper; I thought flight was so interesting as a child.  I liked drawing elaborate treehouses, too.

Is this really what they do all day?  They just balance like this, all together at once.  My co-worker told me that because of their diet (shrimp?), flamingos turn out to be pink.  Exposure-wise, this was a difficult photo to take.  I knew I should expose for the shadows, but I didn't know that the sunlight would be so bright...  On the brightside, black and white film holds up well with a four or so difference of stops!  Highlights aren't too shabby either.  I should have stuck my camera through the fence a little lower too.  But really, sticking a rangefinder through a fence is a little annoying -- you can't tell if the lens is blocked or not!  I should have some interesting color photos of these flamingos I took with my XA..  I'll post them when I get my negs back from Costco.

A portrait of my other-half <3.  A new restaurant called Smash Burger opened up nearby and we gave it a spin!  I was beyond pleased with the food; they could raise the AC up a degree or two, though.  Canon-Serenar producing some pleasant bokeh!  I think this might be f/4 -- don't remember.  I should really consider taking notes after each frame I expose when shooting film..

Now I have the camera facing at me!  What is the easiest way to explain to someone how to focus a rangefinder splitimage?  As you can tell, I'm a little out of focus.  Alas, this may be the price to pay for shooting rangefinders, especially the film variety.


Gear in these photos:

Leica M2 film rangefinder

Canon-Serenar 50m f/1.8 Leica Thread Mount Lens

Jupiter 8 50mm f/2.0 lens (zoo photos only)

Kodak Tri-X 400 and Arista Premium 400 (which rebranded Tri-X)

Bag used: Ona Bowery

All photos scanned with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 w/ 12-50mm kit zoom in macro mode.  Processing done in Lightroom 5.

Trust me, I will do a review on all of these when I get the chance... Hopefully :)