Road Trip!

I'm excited to say that this weekend I'm heading up to New York City!  The company I'm interning at is hosting a bus trip, so my co-worker and I decided to tag along.... For one, I am obsessed with New York City.  Maybe not enough to actual move and live there, but enough to want to visit quite often.  There's something attractive about the city-scene...  Maybe the forest of skyscrapers or the endless river of cars?  Or maybe the preoccupied looks most people sport?  I love thinking about that picture in my mind, and I'm so thirsty to photograph it.

I think so of my best photos (at least according to Tumblr) were from my last trek with my university to New York.





Here's a few of my favorites from then:


This is so cliche, but I love New York for street photography.  There's someone somewhere doing something at every moment, and all I have to do is point my camera up and capture what I see.  Of course, the same is happening in my normal hunting ground of Downtown Frederick, but I feel in the Big Apple, no-one really cares that you're shooting street photos.  It's as if everyone walking by chooses not to recognize my tourist-existence... which is great for me!  On the other hand, I feel there's a bigger probability of connecting with individuals.  For instance, I was at some bistro/coffee/shop/cornerstore type-things, and my school-buddy and I were caught up chatting with a girl who goes to NYU.  Her personality was so friendly, and I had just such a good time talking to a local.  I didn't ask for her portrait, but sometimes it's great to just keep the moment to yourself.

So let's talk gear; what am I bringing?

My goal for this trip's loadout is to be "high-speed, low-drag" but also look as much like a tourist who has a camera rather than a professional photographer who looks like he's carrying a lot of expensive gear....

Camera?  Of course, my Oly OM-D E-M5.  I may end up bringing my Zorki, but he weighs more than the E-m5 plus a few lenses probably.

Lenses?  Olympus 25mm f/1.8 prime for the general, all-purpose lens.  I may just leave this super glued 0n.  In the case were the 50mm-equiv view is too tight, I'll pull out the Oly 12-50 kit zoom.  I do loathe this weather-proof abomination, but for wide angle and a short tele-photo I can't beat it...  And finally, I'm definitely bringing my CCTV 25mm f/1.7 lens.  I actually took a lot of my favorite NY photos with this $25 lens.  Choose something to focus on (that's the distance where you'll try and press the shutter when you're subject enters the frame) and snap away via hyper-focal focusing!  There is no distance or depth of field scale on the lens.... and no clicks on the aperture as well, but it turns my OM-D into a run-and-gun monster!  Plus, the lens looks so comically small on the already small microfourthirds body that (at least I think) it definitely looks super non-threatening.

I'll pack some ND filters, spare batteries, the charger, and a lens cleaning brush, too.

Now here's the real star of the show...  my bag for the trip is the ONA Bowery!  Crazy small (probably entering manpurse territory), but fits a microfourthirds setup so well!  The bag does not make my silhouette look any bigger either.  If I decide to carry a more traditional backpack, I can always take the straps off of the bowery and use it as a camera-bag insert!  I'll post a first impressions and review of the ONA Bowery sometime in the future :)