Shooting for the newspaper is going really well.  I've had four photos published so far!  One of them was even on the front page!  My manager seems to like my work. Cool :)



Currently I'm shooting an article about bike thieves on campus.  Police have apprehended a few suspects already.

After class today, I rode around school looking for examples of locked-up bikes.  I ran into someone locking up their bike, and asked if I could take his picture.



I enjoyed taking these quick photographs.  Talking to subjects is always fun.  Many of my own personal photographs as of lately have been very impersonal -- no people in the frame.  It feels great capturing the essence of a personality in emulsion or in this case digital.

Tomorrow, I am meeting with the detective assigned to the bike theft case.  I am probably only going to grab a quick portrait or two. I'm debating of bringing my flashgun kit -- I'd be really embarrassed if it blew away mid shot!  Additionally on Friday, I'm going to meet with an on-campus student victim.  He told me over text that he was too shy to have his photo published in the newspaper (I don't blame him). He agreed to show me his lock that was cut.  The criminals stole his bike, and he allegedly chased after them. I'm not sure if he himself or the police recovered the bike, but it's in his possession again.  Being a bike rider on campus, I can totally emphasize the anger of having a bike stolen.

I'm so glad that I shoot for the newspaper now... I'll keep you updated on the next "adventure" I end up on.