(Poor) Film scans from the Zorki!

Warning: these are low quality, 300dpi scans from a printer/scanner I got for free when I bought my MacBook from five years ago... Anyway, enjoy!  All the photos were shot with the Zorki 4 and metered by eye via sunny 16.


It's a shame the Costco by me doesn't do film-to-DVD scans anymore :(.  A lot bigger scans that what my free printer combo can do.

It's a pleasure to reminisce while looking through photos that come from a lab.  A lot of these photos I forgot I even took!  I had a bunch of light leaks on lots of frames...

I'm actually really surprised that most of the photos were exposed properly!  Excuse my ignorance, but I think the photo people working the lab probably adjust the exposure on the prints.. hence why they mostly look correct.  They definitely couldn't save the shots were I was like 3 or 4 stops off.. (I remember taking a photo at 1/1000s and I should have been at 1/250s.. oops!)