What does photography mean to me?

Foremost, it's a way that I can leave my mark through life.  Photographs provide an evidence that I was there in that moment.  But photographs also preserve my perspective on that moment -- I was there, and this is what I, an individual human being, saw.

Secondly, it's a hobby.  Collecting old cameras and shooting film are a great way to admire the past.  Digital cameras and a technologies provide me a way to share (or not share) my work around the world.  However, photographs are not the end-all-be-all of this hobby.  No, it's actually taking and composing the photograph that provides me the most satisfaction.  You give me a pair of headphones, a rangefinder with 400 speedfilm and I will feel unstoppable.

That feeling of turning cold metal dials and knobs.

That feeling of loading a new roll of film in the shade.

That feeling of just looking through the viewfinder!

There is something photography is not for me, though: emotional expression.  I said earlier that photography provides perspective, you can see what I'm looking at; I can't show you my true emotions through emulsion or pixels, however.  And that's not intentional.  Additionally, I'm not talking about capturing and displaying the emotions of others -- I can do that all day -- I'm talking about the emotions from behind the camera, mine!.  There's this disconnect between the camera and myself that I can't quite put a finger on.

I'll keep on trying.  One day my photographs will speak.

For now they will whisper quietly.