More DC Street Photography (Street Diary: 07/19/14)

It turns out developing black and white film and posting it on the internet is not difficult at all. You just need some time on your hands :) I'm going to share with you all a few frames I took in DC two weeks ago! These photos were taken on my Leica M2 with the Jupiter 8 lens. My film was Kodak Tri-X 400 @ 400, developed in Kodak D-76 1:1 (75F - 7:45). The interesting part is that I scanned my negatives with my Olympus OM-D E-M5 :) My best friend's mom gave me a x-ray viewer as a makeshift lighttable -- it works really well as a "transparency unit" for my camera scanning! I did post production on Lightroom 5; I made up a preset that I really like.

This photo was fun!  The alley way was fairly bright; I was unsure what to expose for .  I really liked cross sections between the farther buildings.

Maybe you won't find this as interesting as I did, but I think it is worth showing.  In person, I noticed the group of cones and followed the stairs up to the lone guy on top.  Viewing the photo on my computer at home, I found it amusing that there were other cones hidden under the stairwell.  As if these traffic markers were supposed to be some sort of analogy for social class or bourgeois type things.

I really liked this man's hair.  Wish there wasn't someone behind him in the frame.. But that's my fault -- could have waited another seven seconds or so.

I find mopeds so romantic.  I would love to wake up one day, don a helmet, and scoot along to either work or school.

If it's not already apparent in most of the images I post, here is another street photo of someone with their back towards the camera.  Yes, I post this sort of thing often because I am not a seasoned street photographer, but the other reason is because I like the anonymity of subjects in this fashion.  I can tell this is a girl, but I can't really tell what's going on besides that.  She's looking at the window -- perhaps in thought?  Despairs?  Her legs are up against the seat in front of her -- she's a very casual and frank person; she's had a long day by herself in the city.  The possibilities are endless!


I shot just one roll that weekend, and it was fun!  I thought about the light around me and where it's falling.  I thought about what's in and out of my plane of focus.  I thought about all the interesting frames I could have captured but decided not to, in means of preserving frames for "better" opportunities.

It's fun it really is :)


Stay tuned for more!