Local Film Geekery?

wpid-2014-09-24-04.47.46-2.jpg.jpeg This past Sunday I attended a "Film in Baltimore" meetup.  They've got a flickr and facebook group that I'm a member of.

I didn't really know what to expect, but the meetup turned out quite fantastic.  It was held in a local tavern, Liam Flynn's, in sort-of the middle of Baltimore.

I felt like I was meeting with celebrities!  Patrick Joust and Josh Sinn have images that I regularly see on my tumblr timeline, either through me actually following them or people reposting their work.  And it's not just that I see their images often, it's that I say "wow" every time I stumble across one.

Everyone brought a camera to share -- I brought my M2 and Mat 124.  I remember seeing a Contax T2, Nikon 35Ti, Fuji GF670, Fuji GA645ZI, Leica M3, Canon QL17, Olympus XA, and aRolleicord (not sure which one).

Photobooks were also passed around.. I took a look at Trent Parke's Minutes to Midnight.  It was quite intriguing, almost spooky, flipping through the pages.

I had a blast, and I'm definitely planning on hanging out more.