Loaded my first roll of Tri-X 400!

Why, hello again world. Well, really just me for now, as I haven't actually put the webserver live cause I haven't googled enough...

Today,  my girlfriend and I drove over to Georgetown to sight-see and be general tourists.  I took my Zorki 4 and my Olympus OM-D E-M5.  Lenses I had on me were the Jupiter 8 and the Olympus 12-50mm kit lens.

There's just something so alluring about shooting street with a rangefinder.  Is it the size?  The focusing?

I'm not sure, but I know I love it.  It doesn't make any logical sense.  My Zorki is a 50+ year old rangefinder with no metering shooting or auto-focus.  I love studying the shadows and the light to determine what aperture to use metering by eye with Sunny 16 before taking the shot.  Scale focusing is also really fun, too, as you don't really need to pin-point focus on something and rather just suck the entire scene into your lens with a wide depth of field at f/16 or f/11.  Maybe it's just the charm of not really knowing what you're going to get with a rangefinder, or just film in general.  I'm metering by hand; there are parallax issues with rangefinders, I'm not even sure if the camera's shutter speeds are correct!

I finally finished my roll of Fuji Superia 200 and loaded a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400.  This is my first time shooting black and white with this camera, so I'm excited to see the results.  My darkroom is almost set up - just need some new chemicals and I should be good to go.