Holiday Print Trade at the Leica Store DC

I always love heading over to the Leica Store in DC.  Lots of fancy things to look at it, and the people there are always exciting to talk to. A week ago, the store held a Holiday Print Trade show.  I RSVP'd, and was eager to see everyone else's work.

I was a little worried -- would my print be good enough?  I didn't know what sort of images to expect.  I decided to bring an 8x10 of my Central Park photograph.  8x10 was probably the happy medium of big enough, but not too large.

I arrived fifteen or so minutes early to hang up my print in the store's gallery.  The usual Leica Store employees were there (love you guys) as well as other participants.  Quickly scanning through the other prints that were already up, I found a sense of relief.  Of course there were some insanely well composed art-galllery-esque prints on the wall, but there were a few "middle-age-man-with-too-much-time-on-hand-and-likes-photography" style photographs.  You know what I'm talking about -- you scroll through flickr and see a super mediocre photo that has like 3000+ favorites and a billion views, with all of those comments like "WOW GREAT CAPTURE -- your photo has been awarded this super vague award blah blah."  I then hung up my print next to a bunch of other black-and-white ones.

I enjoyed talking to the other photographers; it's always intriguing to talk to the faces behind the cameras.  I particularly enjoyed talking to the new store employee, Kyle.  A very down to earth individual who shoots a lot of film -- he has like a billion Instagram followers though!.  Knowing he was into emulsion, I began to describe to him the Film in Baltimore facebook/flickr group.  Coincidentally, he's actually a member of the group!  I was in awe at how small the photographic community can be sometimes.  I'm looking forward to meeting him again at the January meetup next year.

As the event started to wind down, people started claiming prints.  I was scared that someone might not want my print.  Eventually though, a man asked me if the print he was holding was mine, and I happily replied yes!  Phew.  He commented that his daughter was moving to New York, and that my print would fit her new home well!  As for the print I put dibs on, I ended up snatching Kyle's print.  It's so wonderfully done; I love the dark blacks in the shadows and the direction of light in the photograph.



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