hackUMBC -- a 24 hour hackathon!

Besides photography, I'm an Information Systems undergraduate.  Stemming from my major are hobbies such as building computers, maintaining this website, and competitions!  A few weekends ago, I participated in my school's second-ever hackathon -- a twenty-four hour marathon of slopping together different ideas and inventions! Untitled

My colleagues and I tried working on the Oculus Rift -- a neat virtual reality headset.  We paired this headset with the Leap Motion Controller so one can interact with the fancy virtual world they see!  The Leap is that small, black rectangle attached onto the big black headset, the Oculus.  We happened to be the only group that utilized these two devices together.


The neat thing about Hackathons is that there are so many intelligent folk in one place.  If you're a little flustered from your own project, you can just stand up and wander around.  You'll come across people with the most ingenious ideas.


Moving over to technical photography observations, my OM-D E-M5 fairs, I would say, pretty satisfactory given these sort of indoor conditions.  Yes, it does get a little noisy after ISO 1600, but it's more or so "grain" than an image destroying curse.  Of course, you'll have to fix it up in post production just a little.  I shot most of the hackathon photos around ISO 2000 (I love faster shutter speeds) and, as usual, I apply a VSCO lightroom preset.  Most of the time I remove the artificial grain added from the presets.  This go around, I didn't do any noise reduction and left the grain as it is.  Now obviously the photographs are grainy, but I really like the look.  The grain is really noticeable in the out-of-focus areas.  I'm hesitant to say it's "the film look," as that's kind of the point of VSCO.  I don't really have any other way to describe it.

The 25mm f/1.8 lens attached to my camera is phenomenal.  It is just so sharp and does everything I want it to.  To add, it has a great form factor as well.  That weekend, there were times I wish I had a 35mm FOV because 50mm can feel a little close, especially indoors.  Though, that's the point of prime lenses.  Set aside what you clearly can't do and figure out how to make what-you-have work.