Film Update!

The pieces are finally starting to fall together... My Leica M2 just came back in from Youxin Ye from YYe Camera today.  Absolutely spectacular and such a reasonable price.  It was $180+$12 for my CLA and return shipping!  I sent my M2 to him Saturday, and got it back today (Friday).  Talk about a reasonable turn around time too :)  Youxin fixed the rangefinder + parallax correction coupling, as well as tidied up the insides of the camera.

My order from Adorama came in on Wednesday!  That had most of my new darkroom supplies for developing film!  I ended up getting some Kodak D-76 Developer, Ilford Rapid Fixer, Kodak Indicator stop bath, 3 half gallon brown jugs, film clips, and three rolls of Tri-X 400.  One regret is that I should have bought a full gallon jug for the D-76 instead of a half gallon.  I have my stock solution stored in two separate half gallon jugs now.

Tonight, I mixed up D-76 stock solution and made working solutions for my fixer and stop bath.  The real annoying part about mixing D-76 is the heating up water part.  I didn't want to contaminate any of my kitchen ware so I had some complicated scheme to transfer the hot water into my mixing "box" for the developer.  And yeah, I used a gallon sized tuperware box to mix my developer in.

Can't wait to develop some black and white tomorrow!  Honestly I am a little scared :)

Tomorrow, I'm also heading back down to the Leica store in DC to check things out.  Maybe someone there will appreciate my M2?  I think I'll try and drop by Embassy Camera and see what's going on there too....  Last time I went on July 4th (oops) they were closed.  I saw hanging film rolls in their window display and was super stoked!

Of course, Ill shoot a little street while I'm there :)