Feeling Leica...

Leica M2 w/ 35mm Summicron Yup. I'm jonesing for a Leica right now. I really want to experience the rangefinder experience, and I'm not sure the Zorki 4 is cutting it. I love the Zorki, it's ugly in a beautiful way -- but I'm just really interested in a Leica. I've looked at buying a Canon P rangefinder, kind of like a poor man's Leica, but I know after I set my hands on one I'll be wanting a "proper" rangefinder even more.

Leica M2 top plate

Right now I'm thinking of a Leica M2 with a second-hand Voitglander 35mm f/2.5 Skopar. I can also use my Jupiter 8 with a leica-screw mount to M mount adapter, but 1: I want to try out 35mm, 2: I don't really like the clickless aperture ring of the Jupiter 8. Also, the Skopar looks like a compact lens and would give the Leica a smaller silhouette.

Leica M2 w/o lens

I don't really want to spend more than 1,100 on the lens + body combo, but we'll see what happens. You know the saying, buy cheap buy twice! I don't mind if my Leica is beatup and disgusting looking, I just want to make sure it works and will stay working! I'm not interested in safe/shelf-queens; I want a rugged user that will be my companion for years to come.