A dark day for film -- Kodak BW400CN

I read the article yesterday night, Kodak BW400CN has been officially discontinued by Kodak. BW400CN is a chromogenic C-41 black and white film. It is different from say Tri-X 400 or Ilford HP-5 Plus because it is developed by the C-41 processed used by color negatives. I personally have not shot a roll of BW400CN before, and I still don't plan to. I like shooting traditional black and white, in particular Tri-X, because I have the time to develop it myself. It makes me sad though that I may never have the option to change my mind in the future about BW400CN.  It is depressing to see the disappearance of another beautiful photographic medium.

Here are a few photos I found doing a google search for this C-41 film. Please check out these users on their respective flickr accounts.