Another Batch of Film (6x6 love!)

Scans from the six rolls I sent out to Indie Film Lab just came back to today! The scans were delivered via and email with a hyperlink to an Amazon S3 server hosting the photographs.

Most photographs shot with the Yashica Mat 124 TLR on Portra 160 or Ektar 100, and metered with the Gossen Digisix 2 or Sunny 16 if I forgot it at home.

Baltimore's Inner Harbor at a little after six in the morning.  About a two minute exposure on Kodak Portra 160.

I've seen this man rolling around campus all the time and finally had the opportunity to photograph him.  He brews tea in his own cup virtually everyday.  The hardest part, he says, is finding hot water.

My bestfriend with an umbrella -- and other people with umbrellas too..

The previous Phi Sigma Sigma president taking a break between classes.  Should've opened the aperture wider on this one for a faster shutter speed -- difficult to handhold and capture sharp exposures.

Fall colors captured by the Leica M2 and Canon-Serenar 50mm  f/1.8 LTM in Washington DC.

Long exposure next to McKeldin Square in the Inner Harbor.

Skateboarders in Washington, D.C.  Five minutes later, they were running from the cops.

Young love.

This was supposed to be a self-portrait... Couldn't figure out how to use the self timer on the Yashica.  Oops.

Studying on the quad..