A soft shutter release for digital cameras!

I absolutely love soft shutter releases.  I think they are one thing every camera needs, hands down! A few examples on my film rangefinders...


Notice how I said film in that last sentence.  For some reason, it seems a lot of digital camera manufacturers choose not to make threaded shutter releases that can accommodate things like soft shutter releases or cable releases.  Maybe the advent of wireless remotes or accessory ports on digital cameras have taken the place of the threaded shutter release.

But fear not!  This company Lolumina makes soft shutter releases for digital cameras!  And they're really well made, too!  I've seen rubber stick-on buttons before, and I know a company called Gariz makes a similar product to Lolumina's.... But Lolumina's is the best executed, in my opinion.

Here's an unboxing!



Mounting this little guy onto the shutter release button is not too terribly hard.  First, you need to clean the button with the included alcohol wipe.  They suggest you wait a few moments after cleaning so the surface can dry.  I was impatient and definitely did not wait that long!  Afterwards, you need to choose whether or not you need the flat base or the rounded base.  The button on my OM-D E-M5 is rounded, so I utilized the appropriate one.  Cameras that have shutter releases similar to the Pentax Q or the Sony A7/A7R cameras would require the flat mount to stick on correctly.  I suggest that you practice "dry," not removing the protective backing, mounting the base a couple of times before actually doing it.  Once you remove the backing and stick it on to the button, you have about a minute where you can wiggle it around until it's in the perfect position.  After the minute it begins to cement itself on.  After 24 or so hours it should be "permanently" attached.  If you want to remove the soft shutter release, you simply get a specific brand of floss and "saw" away between the adhesive and the mount (not the adhesive and the button!).  Subsequently, all you need to do is just pull the remaining adhesive pad off of the shutter button and there should be no residue left!

Okay, so let's see some photos of this guy on my camera.



I think this thing is sweet.  I love the contrast the red adds to my camera!  But besides the aesthetics, the soft shutter release actually helps me shoot some stupid slow shutter speeds.  The OM-D E-M5 can already do some witchcraft with it's 5-axis in body stabilization, but adding this soft release takes that to the next level!  First off, be sure to tuck your elbows into your body to add some stabilization, rest the camera against your face (don't do live view), and place the soft shutter release like right after your the first joint on your index finger, exhale, and give it a squeeze.  You should be able to handhold a stop better than your normally can!

You can buy these nifty accessories from Lolumina's website.  There's a big and small one.  The prices for the sizes are $12.99 and $11.99.  A neat feature is that you can swap the soft shutter releases out while keeping the mounting base attached.  Suppose I wanted to the bigger soft shutter release, all I have to do is unscrew what's on my camera now, and screw the new one on!  Easy!  I really recommend you try these products out.

However, there are some downsides to soft shutter releases.  It's a lot easier to set the shutter off now -- but that's what I wanted right?  Well, I'm referring to actions similar to stuffing the camera in a bag.  The shutter is much bigger and easier to actuate and may end up capturing a few black frames or constantly waking your camera up unintentionally in the bag (just turn it off all the way lol).  I've also heard qualms from other folk that the shutter will catch on their camera bag.  Not a problem for me, but YMMV.  Lastly, because of the new ease of depressing the shutter, you may actually take a photo when autofocusing by accident.  Not too big of an issue for digital, but something I hear from the film crowd.

(P.S. most of Lolumina's stock photos are with a Sony A7/A7R, but I've read a few forum posts complaining how the on-off switch is harder to actuate because of the sheer size of the soft shutter release.  I believe the posters are talking about the larger or the two sizes.  I imagine the smaller size, which came out later, would be a more appropriate choice.)