A fine grained future for film..

Hopefully you all have heard of this amazing Kickstarter event already.  It might even be too late now, because Ferrania have already reached their goal of $250,000!  It doesn't hurt to pledge more though, they'll have their new operation set up faster.

Ferrania may not be a household name like Kodak or Fuji.  You older film shooters may have actually shot Ferrania's film before because they produced a lot of generic, store-brand film.  Ferrania has a huge factory in Italy.  The problem with this factory is that it is, well, too big for the current demand for film.  It would not be cost-effective to run the machine and produce millions of rolls of films and have them expire on shelves.  FILM Ferrania's solution is to salvage their existing equipment from the old factory, and modify it to produce lower volumes of film to meet the current demand.

This was one of the problems Kodak has: they can produce so much film for so little film shooters.  Film is nowhere near dead.  The reality is that there is nowhere close to the amount of people who choose film as their favorite medium anymore.  I guess the saying "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" applies well to Kodak.  Take Ilford, for example - they're not as big as Kodak, and are chugging along just fine because of that.

I can't wait for FILM Ferrania to kick into high gear.  I pledged $70 dollars and will receive the "FILM IS ALIVE PACK," consisting of 2 rolls of 120 film and 2 rolls of 35mm film.  FILM Ferrania is starting their production with a new version of "ScotchChrome," a slide film they used to make.  I think the word Scotch came from their previous ownership from 3M - the company who does scotchtape.  This new slide film will be rated at ISO 100 speed.  I've never shot slide film before, so this will be a new experience for me.

Some of the comments on their Kickstarter page rail the company for the rewards "not being worth it,"

"Oh I can go out and buy slide film for less..."

Do they understand what the kickstarter campaign is for?  You are literally helping a company restart creating film.  Yes, I said film, and yes the year is 2014 in case you didn't remember.  You are spending some amount of money now, so you can have the choice of buying film in the future.  Just knowing I helped out is worth the pledge.  However, it is nice that I will be receiving some fancy slide film in eight months or so...  The film rewards are just icing on top of the cake.

Besides film for stills need, FILM Ferrania is also producing ScotchChrome 100 in Super 8 and 16mm cine formats!  I will never buy these - being honest - but I'm glad the choice is out there for all of you cine-fanatics!

Check out FILM Ferrania's website if this sounded interesting to you!