leica m2

Love Your Leica.. (Leicaphiles beware)

wpid-wp-1415672728745.jpeg And just like that, she had that expression on her face that I would never forget.


It was morning.  I was just about to leave my desk at work to scurry to class.  A professor (an avid astrophotographer) was holding the elevator doors open for me.

I grabbed my faithful camera in a hurry, and in a split-second, the neckstrap caught on to the desk, and the Leica fell face first into the fake-tile/concrete floor.

I picked her up and flew into the elevator.  I dared not to glance at her face, fearing the worst.  Finally, sitting down in the auditorium, moments before class started, I looked.  She looked back at me, as if with a disappointing look in her face -- why?

I spent that entire class emailing Youxin Ye about the series of unfortunate events that just unfolded.  He told me that the damage was too much; the top plate needed to be replaced.

To Massachusetts, my Leica M2 left.  To Maryland, the FrankenLeica returns -- a Leica M2 with an M1 top plate.


It's been more than a handful of days and the FrankenLeica is doing well.  She snaps photos like no-other, and begs to be taken out even on cloudy, overcast, f/4 days.

She's mine.