A Week in America's Caribbean: St. Thomas

It's been over a month since my end-of-school-year vacation to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We spent a week on the 31-square-mile island, visiting beautiful beaches, indulging in absolutely delicious food, sleeping in a fantastic apartment, and praying that our Yaris won't fall off a cliff (if it makes it up there in the first place).

Here's a selection of photographs I shot on my X100T that I enjoyed (and before you ask, yes, I brought my camera into the ocean once or twice...)

My photography has been piling up on me.  I've got a few 6x6 frames I need to touch up in post, still need to finish a roll of Portra inside my TLR I loaded back in St. Thomas, and 35mm negatives from a waterproof disposable camera that I need to scan.  I'll get them up eventually... after all, vacation isn't really over yet ;)