Practice Autocross with WDCR-SCCA

I'm going to start posting little tidbits about some of my hobbies besides photography on my blog. Today we have some thoughts from me about autocrossing my Mazda Miata.


I've been autocrossing for almost a year. After I put 2000 miles on the Miata's odometer, I immediately signed up for the next Capital Driving Club (CDC) event. I really enjoy spending time with the the CDC people. They are very welcoming, friendly and always willing to provide tips or feedback on my driving. The CDC events themselves are very casual. Often, drivers are quite willing to let me ride shotgun on their morning runs.

At 15,000 miles on the odometer and nine CDC events later, I felt it was time to finally sign up for an SCCA event. The Washington DC Region SCCA (WDCR) course at Fedex Field was much bigger than I've driven at the CDC venues. This WDCR course had veteran drivers running times in the 58-60 second range, whereas the Waldorf CDC courses (the biggest CDC venue) usually have veterans running times between 39-40 seconds. WDCR also incorporates much more slaloms than CDC does in their courses, which I wasn't very familiar with.

I really enjoyed driving the bigger course at Fedex Field. It almost felt like I was re-learning how to drive my car again, as I was unsure how fast I could take some of the slaloms and corners at times!

Below, here's a video of my fourth and final run at the WDCR practice event. I still have a lot to work on, but for now I'm trying to concentrate on looking ahead to the next corner and braking earlier than I think I should into corners.